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Given the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated Government regulations, the information below is subject to change.

Crowd Capacity

Crowd capacity is set by the State Government and relevant health authorities in association with the league.

Even a reduced capacity (e.g. 50%) will allow us to accommodate all members who would usually attend a Collingwood Magpies game.

Ticketing Process for Members

Ticketing for matches with a reduced crowd-capacity will be run on a game-by-game basis.

Once tickets become available for a given round, members will be able to use their membership barcode number(s) to redeem their $0 ticket(s).

All members will need to redeem a ticket prior to each match to gain entry.

This process is run through the relevant ticketing agency (e.g. Ticketek for John Cain Arena games), so at no stage will you need to send any seating requests to the Club directly.

Once details of each round are confirmed we will communicate further information to members with the specific ticketing details.

Please note that no paper tickets will be issued for these games. All tickets will be digital and accessible through your Ticketek account (not MyMagpies).

If you are unable to complete the ticket-redemption process online, you are able to call Ticketek on 1300 665 915 (9:00am – 5:00pm, Mon-Sat)

Member Ticketing Window

Collingwood Magpies members will have access to a priority ticketing window ahead of the general public. During this time members will be able to select a $0 ticket in their membership area.

For example, an RS Court member can redeem a $0 ticket in the Court seating area, whereas a Flexi (GA) member can redeem a $0 ticket in the GA area.

Members will be able to select the exact seat(s) that they want for a given game from the available pool rather than just the bay or area they wish to sit in.

An email will be sent to 2021 members prior to each ticketing window with the relevant details.

Upcoming ticket windows

Ticketing info

*Please note that Round 1 is not a double-header. If you would like to attend the Vixens match that is scheduled earlier on 1 May (3:00pm AEST, John Cain Arena) you will need to organise a ticket separately.

Finding Your Barcode Number(s)

Your membership barcode number is no longer printed on your membership card. This is because ticketing has gone digital for the 2021 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to view your barcode number in your MyMagpies account. This barcode should be the same across all games that you have access to, although it is subject to change given the nature of ticketing in the pandemic.

To log into MyMagpies you generally require a unique email address in your Collingwood Magpies account, i.e. multiple members can’t share the same email address to log in.

Children, dependants, or other members who do not have a unique email address can be linked to another member’s account. For example, children’s accounts can be linked through to a single parent or guardian.

Many members will already be linked to their associated accounts. To switch between linked accounts, follow these steps:

  1. sign in to the main member’s MyMagpies account;
  2. select ‘switch accounts’ from the drop-down menu in the top-right hand corner of the dashboard;
  3. select the name/membership number of the account you’d like to view.

To provide a unique email address, or to link accounts, please contact the membership team using the details at the bottom of this page.

Additional Ticketing Information

Tickets for groups:
Members will have the opportunity to register for tickets using the barcode numbers of multiple members to ensure that they are all seated together. There will be a 'transaction limit' of ten (10) tickets.

For a group to have seats allocated together their tickets must be booked in the same order.

Booking fees:
No Ticketek booking fee will be charged for member tickets.

Accessible Seating:
Members who have specific seating requirements due to a medical condition are welcome to contact the Ticketek accessibility hotline to organise suitable seats.

Ticketek: 1300 665 915 (9:00am – 5:00pm, Mon-Sat)

How are tickets issued?
Please note that no paper tickets will be issued for these games. All tickets will be digital and accessible through your Ticketek account (not MyMagpies).

To set up a Ticketek account (if you haven’t already), click here.

Fixture & Timing Changes

We will continue to be led by the State Government and health officials on the capacity at venues during the 2021 SSN season.

Given the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated government regulations, please keep in mind that the information on this web-page is subject to change.

We will do our best to communicate ticketing information to members at the earliest opportunity, but it’s important to note that last-minute changes may occur.

We appreciate your patience and understanding here.

Membership Reserved Seats

If you hold a reserved seat as part of your membership, your existing membership seat(s) will remain on hold in your account.

You will be able to select similar seats to what you hold in your account through this new process. You can also try a different location if you’d like to mix things up week to week!

Questions? Get In Touch!

The membership team are available to answer any further questions you might have.

You can call us on 1300 MAGPIE (62 47 43) between 10:00am and 4:00pm from Monday to Friday, or you can email us at

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