Pies put through the ringer at HMAS Cerberus Adventure Day

6 months ago

Magpies netball preseason is well and truly underway, with a trip to the HMAS Cerberus the icing on the cake of a hard few weeks.

Sophie Taylor

It was a huge day out at the HMAS Cerberus Navy base, with the Pies squad suited up for an Adventure Day to remember. Rigorous preparation was followed by controlled chaos during the Survival at Sea, while fears were challenged during the High Ropes course, with four seasons in one day meaning there was plenty of wind around.

The Survival at Sea was truly about survival, with the team running through the scenario of jumping out of a sinking ship. First came the daring leap; next the swimming to stay afloat as the waters got rough and spray from all angles made it hard to see.

All that was made tougher by continuous rolling thunder with a storm simulated by the base’s impressive setup, finished off by a simulated helicopter winch back up to safety. Over the course of 90 minutes, players and coaches alike enjoyed an intense, enduring survival situation to remember.

Compared to the loud noise and spraying water of the indoor complex, the High Ropes course should have been the lesser of two evils on the day. What was fun for some was scary for others, providing plenty of entertainment safe on the ground. With concentration high and teamwork in action, the Pies were just about unstoppable as they navigated the course in sun, wind and rain.

Head coach Nicole Richardson not only participated in the activities, but enjoyed them, too. ‘Richo’ said it was a unique opportunity for all the athletes to experience, explaining that it pushed players out of their comfort zone.

“It was a unique experience, relying on the support of others to help you overcome whatever challenge.

“I loved it, absolutely loved it,” Richo said. “It gives you a new awareness and appreciation of what our Defence Force have to go through to protect our country.”

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