Talking points: Round 8 v Fever

9 days ago

The Magpies' winning streak has been brought to a halt, falling to the West Coast Fever by five goals in Perth.

Sophie Taylor

The Magpies are capable of matching with the best

While the Magpies did not come away with a win in Round 8, they certainly sent another sign to the competition that they are no easy beat.

Leading by two goals with five minutes on the clock before falling in a super shot-induced change of momentum, the Magpies had the Fever's number from the get-go and they were relentless across the four quarters.

Factor in their two huge wins in Round 6 and 7 against other top sides in the Queensland Firebirds and Melbourne Vixens, the Pies more than proved that they can hold up against the best in the competition, and even without getting the 'W' on the board, certainly gave the Fever a big scare.

Adversity continues to push the Pies to better performances

The Pies have been no stranger to adversity this season, very rarely seeing their contracted 10 step out on court together.

This week was no different with the loss of goaler Gabby Sinclair to illness, forcing a change with Nyah Allen into the lineup, and seeing Sophie Garbin play out 57 minutes in goal attack - her longest time on court for the season so far.

But once again the Magpies put on a complete performance, with Shimona Nelson undeniable at the post with 54 goals at 89 percent while Jodi-Ann Ward racked up six deflections (two gains) and Kelsey Browne registered another 27 goal assists.

While the Pies did not come home with a win, the determination to challenge the Fever and push through the pain to the very end will stick.

Despite the loss, the confidence is still there

Combine the Pies' recent form and the closeness of the SSN ladder, and you get a really big opportunity presented next week with Round 9, 10 and 11 all across seven days.

With the Firebirds (W - 67-59), GIANTS (L - 61-76) and Adelaide Thunderbirds (L - 50-54) up next, all three are more than achievable clashes given the Pies' newfound hunt and tenacity.

With all four bottom four teams currently sitting 3-5, just one win behind the Firebirds and GIANTS in third and fourth, the heat is on as the second half of the 2022 season keeps rolling, and the Pies continue to pick up momentum.

The improvement is clear as day

It was a shaky start to the season for the Pies, but this performance well and truly proved how much can change, and how much has changed since their Round 2 clash with the Fever.

To not only turn around a 17-goal margin against the Fever early on in the season, but also lead majority of the Round 8 matchup, just proves how much the Magpies have improved since that early season loss.

Greater connection across the court has been seen over the past weeks, while players continue to step up across the court to produce a star performance all over, rather than individually strong efforts.

The Pies are nowhere near done with the 2022 season, meaning other teams need to watch out as the Pies train comes rolling through.

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