Talking points: Minor Semi Final v GIANTS

6 days ago

We run through the major talking points of our Minor Semi Final loss to the GIANTS in Sydney.

Sophie Taylor

A loss hurts, but we go again next year

There's no sugarcoating it; a loss is a loss, and a loss in the first round of finals after working so hard to get there really, really hurts.

But the beauty of this team is the undeniable hunt and determination, making it to a finals berth against all odds and giving it a red hot crack.

We feel the pain now, but we will use it in 2023 to come back bigger, better, and stronger.

Similar stats prove we were almost there

Looking at the stats sheet, there was not much in it with the final result really coming down to the super shot and the big moments, with the GIANTS home crowd making for an influential eighth player.

With six successful super shots, the final margin ultimately came down to Jo Harten and Sophie Dwyer's accuracy from range.

Without the super shot in play, the GIANTS would have still claimed a two-goal win, however the momentum switch off the back of the super shots may not have been as significant.

Other stats also paint a closer picture; both side finished with nine gains and three intercepts apiece, with the Pies trailing 3-4 in rebounds, 9-10 in pickups, and 16-19 in deflections.

No excuses

It is easy to forget that just last week, three players - two starters - and our head coach, Nicole Richardson, were ruled out of our Round 14 do-or-die clash with the Melbourne Vixens.

While it is not an excuse, all three players and coach returned to the team as that same week came to a close, and put out an impressive performance both on and off the court.

Ash Brazill relentlessly played the full 60 minutes, while Jodi-Ann Ward shut Dwyer down for 40 minutes before Jacqui Newton took the goal defence bib.

There is no denying the Pies drew the short straw for COVID interruptions during the season, but there were still no excuses from Richo post-match, or ever.

We go again in 2023.

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