Staying Super Netball fit at home with Matilda Garrett

2 years ago

Defender Matilda Garrett has shared her favourite at-home fitness and nutrition tips.

Suncorp Super Netball

How do you like to keep active at home?
Whilst being at home I have enjoyed doing exercise circuits and getting creative with exercises in my home gym!
I have been enjoying going for long walks with a coffee in hand or running around the lake! I enjoy working out with my housemate or my team mates on FaceTime!

Three tips to getting active from home?

  1. Get creative- You don't need equipment to workout, use what you have got inside your house! Body weight exercises like prone holds and push ups don't require any weights!
  2. Try and organise with a friend a time during the day that you can FaceTime or Skype and do a workout together! This way you both can motivate each other!
  3. Even if you don't feel motivated to get active, try and do something, you'll feel better for it afterwards! Even just going for a walk!

Favourite healthy meal to cook?
I really enjoy cooking spaghetti bolognese and I love trying to make new salads!

What’s your day on a plate look like?
Brekky: Eggs, cherry tomatoes and avocado on multigrain toast! I will also have a coffee!!
Lunch: Chicken and salad roll
Dinner: A yummy salad with some meat! An example of a salad I might eat is: spinach, tomatoes, pumpkin, red onion, walnuts, quinoa and halloumi with chicken on top!
Snacks: Yogurt with fruit, carrots and dip, or nuts!

Top five work out songs:

  1. Lose Yourself - Eminem
  2. Stronger - Kanye West
  3. Run It! - Chris Brown
  4. See You Again - Miley Cyrus
  5. Pump It Up - Endor

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