Meet our new training partners: Zoe Davies, Casey Adamson and Montana Holmes

2 months ago

Collingwood is excited to welcome three new training partners to the nest, with some exciting burgeoning talent joining the ranks.

Sophie Taylor

Victorians Zoe Davies, Casey Adamson and Montana Holmes have been added to the extended Magpies list for the 2022 Suncorp Super Netball season, boasting plenty of great traits as they join Nyah and Sienna Allen on the training partner list.

All three are defensive-minded players who have made their way up through the Victorian Netball League (VNL) pathway, with both Davies and Holmes hailing from the City West Falcons in 2021, while Adamson has carved her path with the Boroondara Express.

Davies describes her netball journey as “all over the shop”, with a late start in the sport due to commitments to inline hockey, as well as a few ‘nos’ in her way.

“I started netball when I was 15 after watching mum on the sidelines. I decided it was my turn to give it a go and I haven't looked back since, and ever since then I've set a personal goal to push myself through the ranks and become the best individual I can be."

A small defender with excellent timing and aerial hops, Davies may have missed out on some of the Netball Victoria pathways but has made up for it in spades with the Pies thus far, explaining that her ability to work through setbacks is what she brings to the squad.

“I have a lot of motivation and dedication to bring,” Davies said. “I haven’t had the luxury of being able to go through pathways and have programs written up for me, I’ve had to learn for myself how to get fit and how to get better footwork, how to jump higher all on my own.”

Holmes had a similarly late start to netball, taking the court for the first time as a 14-year-old after playing basketball in her formative years. Taking a more traditional pathway to the Pies, Holmes is a crafty player with defensive nous and great endurance.

“I pretty much just played locally and then did all the Eastern Academy Zones, and was lucky enough to make the state side in under 17s,” Holmes explained. “After I played state I started playing VNL, started with Boroondara in Div 1 and then moved up to Champ and made my way over to City West Falcons and now here I am!”

Hailing from Sale in the Gippsland region, the now-midcourter began her journey as a defender before transitioning up the court in recent years.

“I used to play goal defence back at home because I was quite tall in the country,” Holmes said. “When I came to Melbourne I was too short to be a ring defender, so I moved more to the midcourt, and now mostly centre and wing defence.”

“I’m extremely honoured to be here with these girls and to train with such amazing athletes, I just want to give it everything that I have and to see what opportunities could potentially arise.”

Classy mover Adamson contributes a great work ethic, coming from an athletics background and injecting her netball smarts into the main squad. Adamson has followed the Victorian pathway to a tee, with the next step in her journey the training partner position she has been hoping for.

“I’ve been through the Netball Victoria pathway and I guess those people I’ve come along with through that pathway have had their opportunities as a training partner or at SSN level and I’ve kind of been the straggler that’s been behind,” Adamson said.

“Just absolutely over the moon, I don’t really have an expression for it but I’m just so happy to be here and grateful for the opportunity that Richo (head coach, Nicole Richardson) and Kate (assistant coach, Kate Upton) have given me.”

Playing across wing defence and centre, Adamson is excited for the opportunity to push the main squad to work hard and be better, all while further developing her own craft.

“I guess our job as training partners is to push those in the team and make them better while we’re getting better ourselves so yeah, I’m just really happy to be here to be honest, and to learn off the best of the best,” she said. “We’ve got the Australian Diamonds wing defence in Ash Braz so just couldn’t be more stoked to be around people like that with loads of experience.”

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