Match Report: Pies go down to Giants

1 year ago


Collingwood has gone down to the Giants by 15 points on Saturday.

The Magpies started off strong with the Giants forgettable in the first quarter when turnovers and indecision hampered their efforts.

But beyond that the Giants were a different side as centre Jamie-Lee Price and shooter Jo Harten set a higher standard.

Benching Caitlin Bassett to form a moving circle with Harten (27/34) and Kiera Austin (25/33) was another feature of the turnaround.

"We did a really good job at staying calm," Price said.

"We could have got carried away and tried to go for two point shots but every ball we got, we looked after it."

The Giants seized control of the contest in the middle terms when they crushed the Magpies 41-24.

Magpies pair Geva Mentor (eight gains) and Jodi Ann Ward (11 gains) were defiant but they could not do enough to slow the Giants once they bolted.

"Our defensive intensity really dropped then we started on a chase," Magpies coach Rob Wright said.

"As that momentum swung (the Giants) got really confident."

To be any chance, the Magpies would have to lift in the absence of midcourter Madi Browne who was rested from the game to give her reconstructed knee a break.

Knee soreness prompted Wright to spell the former Diamond and she will be sent for a check-up on Monday.

Her teammates lifted, dominating the GIANTS for much of the first half before a Harten Suncorp Super Shot barrage carved the Magpies lead to one goal at halftime.

The problem for the GIANTS had been an inability to convert their centre passes to goals, and a tardiness that wasn't present in earlier performances.

After halftime there was far more attention to detail.

Wing attack Maddie Hay became a more reliable feeder and her Giants teammate April Brandley heaped pressure on the Magpies' attackers.

Score breakdown
Q1: Magpies 19 v GIANTS 11
Q2: Magpies 13 v GIANTS 20
Q3: Magpies 11 v GIANTS 21
Q4: Magpies 11 v GIANTS 17

Nissan Player of The Match – Jamie-Lee Price (GIANTS Netball)

Magpies shooting statistics
Shimona Nelson: Total points - 37 G1 37/43 (86%) G2 0/0 (0%)
Gabby Sinclair: Total points - 13 G1 7/11 (64%) G2 3/5 (60%)
Nyah Allen: Total points - 4 G1 0/0 (0%) G2 2/3 (67%)

GIANTS shooting statistics
Caitlin Bassett: Total points - 7 G1 7/9 (78%) G2 0/0 (0%)
Jo Harten: Total points - 35 G1 19/23 (83%) G2 8/11 (73%)
Kiera Austin: Total points - 27 G1 23/28 (82%) G2 2/5 (40%)

Magpies starting seven: GS - Shimona Nelson GA - Gabby Sinclair WA - Kelsey Browne C - Molly Jovic WD - Mel Bragg GD - Jodi-Ann Ward GK - Geva Mentor

GIANTS starting seven: GS - Caitlin Bassett GA - Jo Harten WA - Kiera Austin C - Jamie-Lee Price WD - Amy Parmenter GD - Kristiana Manu'a GK - Sam Poolman

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