Match Preview: Round 11

1 year ago

Here's all you need to know about Wednesday's round 11 clash against the Giants.

Nick Bleeker

It’s been a little while, but the Magpies are back at USC Stadium to take on the Giants once more. The Magpies took it to Adelaide with heated offensive and defensive performances from all sectors on the court.

After another sleek shooting performance in round ten, Gabby Sinclair will need to be active in moving the attack around the circle and, as always, keep up the red hot super shot form.

Goal Shooter, Shimona Nelson has a height and length advantage against Sam Poolman and Kristiana Manu’a which will hope to be utilised at every opportunity. Sharp, nicely weighted lobs will help Collingwood keep a steady scoring flow.

Jo Harten and Kiera Austin have both been deadly from the super shot so Geva Mentor and Jodi-Ann Ward will need to limit their opportunities to avoid allowing passing kick-outs. Ward’s lateral speed will upset attacking flows as has been the case most of the season and, if the need arises, Collingwood can rotate to a highly rewarded defensive lineup of Mentor at Goal Keeper, Matilda Garrett at Goal Defence, and Ward running at Wind Defence.

The Giants’ midcourt and defensive end is physical and will punish errors quickly. So Molly Jovic will need to control the offensive tempo and follow up passes and force the contact. The Magpies midcourt need to be treasuring possession and holding strong on one-on-one defenses which will lead to giveaway penalties caused by a sometimes overzealous defensive work from Giants.

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