Magpies Miss Out against Vixens in #THEBATTLE 2

3 years ago

Magpies Netball (56) defeated by Melbourne Vixens (60)

Round 7 saw the Magpies battle it out with their crosstown rivals, the Melbourne Vixens on Sunday 2 April, 3pm at Hisense Arena.

For the second time this season, the Vixens have taken the win, 60 to 56.

With a crowd of 6,811, Magpies fans were clearly excited and were seeking revenge after their Round 1 lost against the Vixens.

The first quarter was just as exciting as expected with both teams bringing their all to the court.

The Magpies laid down the law with Goal-Attack, Cody Lange delivering the first goal within in opening 20 seconds.

It was displayed early on that this was going to be a physically tough match when Jo Weston and Madi Robinson tumbled on top of each other to the ground.

But the Vixens were just too good, producing some perfect set plays that overall were rewarded on the scoreboard.

Vixens Goal Shooter, Mwai Kumwenda was flawless, displaying her amazing leap that saw her deliver 33 goals.

The third quarter saw Shae Brown enter the court into Goal-Attack, proving vital to the Magpies, creating space through the mid-court and providing 6 goals.

Head Coach, Kristy Keppich Birrell said, “Shae provides a different style when she shoots and I don’t think the change was detrimental to our game.”

But Goal-Defence, Emily Mannix played tight and did not make it easy for her, providing four deflections.

Wing-Attack, Madi Robinson was vital in bringing the ball through the court, receiving 22 centre court feeds.

The dynamic defensive duo of Sharni Layton and April Brandley delivered some outstanding intercepts, consulting to the fans that they were there to give their all or nothing.

Caitlin Thwaites was brilliant as always, using her height to her advantage to provide 43 goals.

Looking ahead to next week’s clash with the Fever, Keppich-Birrell notes, “it’s the scoreboard pressure that we really need to focus on.”

“We need to exercise the plays set out in trainings for those critical moments when they occur.”

Round 8 sees the Magpies take on the West Coast Fever at Hisense Arena, Friday 7 April at 7:30pm.

Magpies shooting statistics
Caitlin Thwaites 43/47 (91%)
Cody Lange 7/9 (78%)
Shae Brown (6/7 ( 86%)

Vixens shooting statistics
Mwai Kumwenda 33/35 (94%)
Tegan Philip 27/32 (84%)

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