Key Learnings: Round 9 v Adelaide Thunderbirds

10 months ago

It was a disappointing day in Adelaide, with plenty to improve upon moving into the tail-end of the season.

Gabrielle Keegan

1. Teams need to be able to adapt on the run

Over the course of the season, the Magpies have worked on developing multiple styles of game play to be implemented at various stages.

One of the Magpies greatest improvements has been their ability to adapt as needed.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case on Sunday.

“It’s having the capacity to switch between game plans seamlessly, which we struggled with today,” Nicole Richardson said post-match.

“I don’t think we recognised quick enough to switch.”

The Magpies were unable to quell the influence of Jamaican defender Shamera Sterling, who finished with 12 gains, eight intercepts and six deflections.

“We needed to go back to playing basic, simple netball and play the short game to basically take her out of the equation.”

2. No side can be taken lightly

A weekend of upset victories has clearly demonstrated that no Super Netball result is a given.

“The season is that close and the team which bring their A-game get the result,” Richardson said.

While the Magpies remain just one game outside of the top four, taking every chance remains vital to staying in touch.

3. Possession must be treasured

After recording their lowest turnover game of the season last week against the Lightning, it was disappointing for the Magpies to climb to a total of 33 on Sunday.

“We were not playing smart netball against a team which likes to hunt,” Richardson said.

The Thunderbirds dominated time in possession and finished with 16 more scoring shots, ultimately making the difference.

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