Key Learnings: Round 6 v West Coast Fever

11 months ago

A dominant West Coast Fever kept their unbeaten streak alive against the Magpies on Saturday, with Collingwood taking plenty of lessons from the defeat.

Gabrielle Keegan

1. Give an inch and they’ll take a mile

“You can’t give a team like West Coast Fever an inch or they’ll take a mile on you,” said Head Coach Nicole Richardson at the major break.

Unfortunately for the Magpies, the Fever took that mile.

With scores level at the nine-minute mark of the first quarter, the Magpies had well and truly held their own and were taking the match right to the sole undefeated side of the competition.

From there, the Fever went on to score 13 goals (including two Super Shots) to the Magpies’ three, taking the lead to ten goals, which then stretched to an insurmountable 19 at halftime.

The Magpies went on to win the third quarter by five goals but unfortunately it was too little, too late.

Finding consistency remains key for the Magpies, who have produced brilliance in patches but will need to be better for longer to match it with the teams at the top of the table.

2. Jacqui Newton is becoming an invaluable impact player

The Magpies’ Round 4 victory over the Queensland Firebirds felt like a turning point for new recruit, Jacqui Newton.

Injected into the game in the final quarter with the Magpies trailing and time ticking away, Newton recorded two gains and three deflections in just 11 minutes on court to change the course of the result.

Newton continues to develop and has established herself over the past month as a true ball-winner, with a new degree of confidence and comfortability at the elite level.

3. Adaptability remains key

If the 2020 Suncorp Super Netball season taught us anything, it’s the importance of remaining adaptable.

With two hours notice, the Magpies packed their bags and were en route to Sydney, three days earlier than their anticipated departure.

A one-week stay turned into three and there is no defined end date in sight. However, the Magpies remain in a positive mindset and appreciate the job that needs to be done to keep the season moving forward.

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