Super Club 2019 statistics

2 years ago

The Magpies finished Super Club with five coin toss wins, five game wins and five match MVPs. We took a look at the statistics of all your favourite Magpies.

Hayley Hamp

If you weren't excited for 2020 Suncorp Super Netball before, you will be now. Each player that won an MVP award throughout the week at Super Club is contracted for 2020, and our two training partners that joined the team excelled in their time on court. The seven that played all four quarters of the grand final are in the contracted 10 for next year, which shows our players know how to win when it matters. The team bonded strongly on and off the court during the week, proving they're ready to perform in 2020.

Have a look at the results from Champion Data to see for yourself!

Game one v Magic

Shimona Nelson 93.2%
Nyah Allen 66.7%
Gabby Sinclair 75%

Maggie Lind dominated in the WA position, finishing with 19 centre pass receives and 28 feeds. MVP Ash Brazill was a standout with eight goal assists, 12 feeds and two intercepts as she played the entire game in C and WD.

Game two v Tactix

Shimona Nelson 89.2%
Nyah Allen 82.4%
Nat Medhurst 82.4%

Medhurst rightfully earned herself MVP, with 19 centre pass receives, 29 feeds and 17 goal assists alongside her strong shooting percentage. Young defender Matilda Garrett also stood up, with one rebound, two centre pass receives, and two intercepts.

Game three v Northern Stars

Shimona Nelson 94.7%
Nyah Allen 87.5%
Gabby Sinclair 77.8%
Nat Medhurst 100%

Newly elevated training partner Mel Bragg earned herself MVP with 13 centre pass receives, two feeds, one intercept and one goal assist. Ash Brazill was also once again on fire, 14 goal assists and 16 feeds was crucial to the 41-53 victory to snatch top spot in our pool

Semi-final v Central Pulse

Nyah Allen 100%
Gabby Sinclair 100%
Shimona Nelson 93.2%
Nat Medhurst 90.9%

Shimona Nelson shot 41/44 earning herself the match MVP in the crucial final that earned the Magpies a spot in the Super Club 2019 grand final. Nat Medhurst was also on fire, only missing one shot the entire game. Matilda Garrett finished the match with the highest centre pass receives for both teams – 17.

Grand final v Northern Mystics

Shimona Nelson 86.5%
Nat Medhurst 94.4%

In the closest game of the tournament, the Magpies fought hard to come out with a win, and Nat Medhurst earned herself a second MVP award with her 18 goal assists, 20 centre pass receives, 22 feeds and once again only missing one goal. Geva Mentor was also a standout with three intercepts at crucial points of the match.

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