Robinson Clarifies Post-Game Confusion

2 years ago

Collingwood skipper Madi Robinson has clarified the post-game commentary surrounding the Magpies and the Fever.

Collingwood skipper Madi Robinson has addressed the post-game commentary surrounding the Magpies and the Fever, following confusion as to whether the two sides shook hands after the Fever’s 11-goal victory at Perth Arena.

“It was a fierce contest. We knew it would be a tough game in Perth. It always is,” Robinson said.

“As a club, we hold some really strong values as individuals and as a team.

"We're not sure why there was any confusion, but both teams and all players shook hands post-game.

“After speaking with some Fever players this morning, we both agreed there was nothing unusual or untoward in our processes at the end of the game.”

Following a close first 15 minutes to the game, the Fever pulled away from the Magpies in the final three quarters, with the score line reading 57-68 in the home side’s favour.

“It was a disappointing result for us. Having reflected after the game, we sort of stepped away from our game plan and what we were wanting to go out there and achieve.”

“We had the opportunities throughout the game, but we just didn’t capitalise.

“We’re going to have to work harder to ensure that we stick to the game plan for the four quarters and focus on the process, rather than on the outcome.”

The Magpies will look to bounce back against the Adelaide Thunderbirds next week, in their first home fixture of the season.

“We’ve trained really hard and we believe in ourselves and our game plan, so now, it’s just about executing on court.”

“There have been many positives to come out of the first two games. Last night, we saw Matilda Garrett take to the court for the first time, there’s been some incredible patches of match play and some really good turnover ball.

“We can’t wait to get home and take on the Thunderbirds in front of our Magpie Army. They provide that extra spark of support and energy. We’re keen to get back on court.”

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