Pre-Season Diaries: Ash Brazill

2 years ago

With pre-season in full swing, Ash Brazill gives you a sneak peak into a day in the life of a Magpies Netballer.

Hello, Magpie Army!

We’re now in pre-season mode and boy it feels good to be back.

And as much as I love putting in the hard yards on and off the court, there’s one thing about pre-season that I don’t enjoy as much.

For those that do not know me that well, sleep ins are my thing.

Therefore, setting the alarm for a 6am wake up (which I know is a normal time for some) isn’t really a enjoyable thought for me.

After pressing snooze three or four times, I normally jump out of bed in a frenzy, freaking out that I am now late.

I throw on my training clothes, run out of the door with toast and coffee in hand, jump in my Holden Captiva, and I’m off.

Lucky for me, I’m only 15 minutes down the road from training.

As soon as I get to the Holden Centre, my mood has magically changed.

Whether it’s the elite facilities, being around the good vibes from my teammates or the caffeine which may have finally kicked in, when I arrive at the club, I am so awake and ready to start training.

Everyone gets to training a little bit earlier than the official start time. There’s a few reasons why:

  • They want to have a quick chat
  • Use the rollers
  • Get a few extra stretches in
  • Avoid being late, as penalties are a thing!

Mondays have now become a massive training day for me, as I balance my netball and AFLW commitments.

With pre-season now in full swing, I thought I’d run you through what a training day looks like for me.

7.30am – Warm ups begin. Pauly (our trainer) runs us through the plan for the morning as we warm up and then he mentions the word “testing”. A word that we all love to hear, NOT! He continues by saying it’s only jump testing today. RELIEF!

8.00am – Everyone is warmed up and jump testing begins. We’re talking vertical jump, landing, left and right hops…

8.30am – Now the real stuff starts. It’s gym time. Random music is playing with a great beat and everyone is bopping around to it. Girls are lifting pretty heavy. Squats, more jumps, squats, jumps, squats **BREAK** Chins, push ups, chins, push ups and so on and so on. I think you get the picture.

9am - Cody stops and says, “I don’t think this music is in English.” Shae and I stop lifting to have a proper listen. Next minute, the radio presenter calls out, “You are now listening to SBS Asian Pop!” Who would have thought? We now have a new radio station playing.

9.30am - Gym is almost finished. A few of us stay back for physio screening. I jump in first to get everything ticked off and then with a quick shower I am dressed and off to work.

“Work work work work work”… Sing it to me, Rihanna.

3.30pm – The siren rings and I am out of here.

4pm – Team development (Netball) – This time, we're headed to ‘Hardrock’ Rock Climbing.

Rock climbing = non-stop ledges. Ledges + Ash Braz = freak out. But I need to pull myself together – I have street cred with my team that I need to uphold. Some of us on the other hand (Mrs. Shae Brown) are manoeuvring like daddy longlegs spiders.

5.30pm – Back in the Captiva to head back to Collingwood headquarters.

6.00pm – ¾ tights turn into shorts, and my runners turn into boots.

First up, I’m with Harf (Daniel Harford, AFLW midfield coach) working on my kicking for 30 minutes. Who would have thought a radio presenter would be teaching me to kick a football? But then again, who would have thought a netballer would be playing AFLW?

6.45pm – Now it’s time to hit the track with my crew: The Big King (Emma), Chloe (Molloy) and the skipper (Steph Chiocci). A footy field is just a wee bit bigger than a netball court. I’m digging deep and trying to build up my footy fitness with interval running.

7.30pm – Recovery/Ice baths… Nice short session before pre-season kicks off officially next week.

8.30pm – Arrive home. Turn on the BBQ, before walking into the house. Time to cook some dinner, chill out, and then sleep. Lots of sleep.

Love my Mondays.

Ash Brazill

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