New Rule Changes To Be Implemented In Suncorp Super Netball Season 2

2 years ago

New rule changes will be implemented in season two of the Suncorp Super Netball.

Netball Australia is shaking up the Suncorp Super Netball ladder in Season 2, alongside several minor rule changes for the management of the game, to be implemented in 2018.

The points system for the ladder will include bonus points, introducing incentives for quarter by quarter wins. Teams will be able to collect up to eight ladder points per game, by registering a win and winning each quarter.

The changes are a result of recommendations from the SSN Game Plan Work Group, endorsed by Netball Australia’s Board. The Work Group, formed in November 2017, considered data from Champion Data (game statistics) and Nielsen (fan feedback), as well as The Game Plan Survey (athlete, coach and administrator feedback).

The ladder changes will incentivise teams to make every quarter count, and reward the closeness of competition, according to Netball Australia’s Executive General Manger of Events, Chris Symington.

“We’re raising the stakes in 2018, laying it all on the line in every quarter of every game,” Symington explained.

“The new points system can increase the movement of ladder positions from week to week and will add pressure to the teams in contention for finals.

“For fans, it will be like watching a game within a game, with a winner at the end of every quarter,” he said.

Other minor rule changes are designed to remove unnecessary whistle from umpires.

Coaches will also be enabled to provide more tactical feedback to athletes during a game, through time outs and coaching from the bench.

Collingwood Magpies head coach Kristy Keppich-Birrell said she was excited to see how these changes would evolve the game in 2018.

"We always welcome innovation in the game and it will be fascinating to see how the changes play out during the season," she told Magpies Netball.


• The points system for the ladder will include bonus points, introducing incentives for close finishes and quarter by quarter wins. The allocation of points after each match will be based on the following;

o The change in points for a win (2 to 4) and a draw (1 to 2).
o The winning team for any one match will be allocated between 5 and 8 points, depending on how many quarters they have won during the match.
o The losing team for any one match will be allocated between 0 and 3 points, depending on how many quarters they have won during the match.

  • Each Team is entitled to request up to two Time Out breaks per half. In 2017 it was introduced as a new rule with only one time out permitted per team, per half.
  • At any point in time while play is in progress, any one member of the team bench (players and team officials) listed on the official score sheet shall be permitted to move up and down their team bench within the bench zone to communicate with their on-court or off-court players.
  • Umpires are no longer required to caution a player for delaying play or intimidation, rather a penalty pass will be awarded.
  • There will be an increase in all break times between quarters, with five minutes after the first and third quarter (previously four minutes), and 15 minutes at halftime (previously 12 minutes).


Would this have changed the result of last year’s ladder, and who qualified for finals?

No, based on last year’s game results the ladder positions and therefore which teams qualified for finals would not have changed.

Will this be used in international netball?

No, the new rule changes will be implemented in Suncorp Super Netball only. International netball tests follow the official International Netball Federation (INF) Rules.

Why are you changing the rules?

We recognise that must continue to innovate, based on feedback and data, to ensure Suncorp Super Netball grows as a sport entertainment product.

Why is the ladder changing?

The introduction of bonus points will bring even more excitement to the game, with every quarter now making an impact on the ladder. Every team has the chance to improve their ladder position as a result of each 15-minute quarter.

Is the league introducing a two-point shot?

Further innovations have not been ruled out for future implementation from 2019 onwards, including 2-point shots.


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