GALLERY: Best Of Round 3

2 years ago

Take a look through the best snaps from our round three victory over the Thunderbirds.

Images - Glen Moriarty (Collingwood Media)

Taking on the T'Birds - Erin Bell prepares to face her former side.

It's all smiles for Alice Teague-Neeld pre-game.

Have you ever come across a happier person than Ash Brazill?

Let's get physical! Olivia Newton-John gets her groove on in the pre-game show.

Welcome to the big time, Kelsie Rainbow!

Shae Brown gets proceedings underway with the first centre pass.

One of the best sights in netball: Caitlin Thwaites shooting for goal.

The skipper looks to push the ball into attack.

It's double trouble for Shimona Nelson with April Brandley and Sharni Layton in defence.

With a 70-50 scoreline, the Magpies notched their first win of the 2018 season.

Ash Brazill and Hannah Petty share a moment post-game.

The first win of 2018 and Erin Bell's first win in the Black and White.

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