ANL Round 5 Match Report

3 years ago

Tasmanian Magpies Record Back-to-Back Wins Against Territory Storm.

The Tasmanian Magpies have recorded their two biggest wins of the season so far in Brisbane over the weekend against a winless Territory Storm in Round 5 of the ANL competition.

The Magpies, who recorded a 21 goal victory on Saturday, were convincing in their defeat of the Storm, with defenders Matilda Garrett and Sarah Szczykulski restricting them to just 30 goals for the match.

Gabby Sinclair was impressive in her comeback from an ankle injury, providing some much-needed run through the court and enabling fellow Collingwood Magpies training partner, Samantha Gooden to hold as a strong target in the goal-circle.

Head Coach, Jon Fletcher said “we were able to win every quarter on the weekend which was great as it meant we were able to build on our leads rather than having to chase down the opposition in the second half”.

Dani Stewart made her debut for the Magpies and was impressive throughout the middle of the court.

“Dani had a good impact in her first game and did not miss a beat despite only just joining the team this week.”

On Sunday, however, the Storm came out firing, managing to be just two goals behind at the half-time break and forcing the Magpies to up the ante in the remaining half.

Adding Shae Brown, Micaela Wilson and Alice Teague-Neeld to the line-up, the Magpies were a force to be reckoned with and continued their form, recording a 15 goal victory on Sunday.

“It was a tighter contest on the Sunday, but we still came away with the win and I’m happy we’ve recorded our first clean-sweep weekend of the competition.”

The Magpies are currently placed fifth on the ladder, just one game behind South Australia’s Southern Force. This week the team will travel to Sydney, where they will face off against the seventh-placed NSW Waratahs. They will play at 4pm on Saturday at Genea Netball Centre, and again at 3.30pm on Sunday at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre following the Collingwood Magpies match against the NSW Swifts. Tickets for the ANL matches will be available at the door.

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