ANL Round 2 Preview: Canberra Giants

1 year ago

After a successful start to the 2019 Deakin University Australian Netball League (DUANL), the Tasmanian Magpies will look to continue the trend this weekend when they take on Canberra Giants on the road.

Laura Elliott - Netball Tasmania

The last time the two teams met was in the 2018 Grand Final, which saw the Tasmanian Magpies clutch onto victory by one goal to claim their inaugural premiership.

Assistant Coach Claire Dennis denied the hype of it being viewed as a Grand Final re-match.

“It’s a new year, new teams.”

“I do not focus on the opposition at all, if we stick to our processes, we will post a winning score” she said.

The Giants come off two defeats against VIC Fury in the opening round and will be eager to get their season back on track this weekend.

The Magpies will be looking to improve on the mental and physical application required for the full 60 minutes.

“Small lapses can mean 3-5 goals in a very short space of time, which you can’t always afford” said Dennis.

“We need to make sure we make the most of the opportunities and always be in the moment.”

“We will be focussing on our processes and executing the basic skills under pressure” she said.

Brooke Allan performed well over both games in her Tasmanian Magpies debut last week and her ability to gain will be important against the Giants; as will the drive of a timely midcourt and a well-executed feed into the goal circle.


MATCH 1: Canberra Giants v Tasmanian Magpies
Saturday 11 May, 6:00pm
Solar Hub, ACT Netball Centre

MATCH 2: Canberra Giants v Tasmanian Magpies
Sunday 12 May, 12:00pm
Solar Hub, ACT Netball Centre

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